Skunk Poop vs Raccoon Poop

Most of the time, homeowners know about the pests when they are gone, and there is only there poop. Sometimes they came to know after watching their poop and dropping. Anyhow, you should thank the wildlife professional that helps people to identify the pest through identifying their pooping. 

Skunk poop 

Although you may not want to get closer to the poop because of the smell and disease they carry but do you know skunk poop looks like raccoon poops? So without getting closer, you cannot know which creature is living in your house. You can make plans or use traps when you exactly know about the name of pest. 

Anyhow, the feces of skunks will be more likely to the poop of cats. If you find the poop near to the garden or deck, then it could be a sign they are living within the home and going to destroy your garden if you did not get rid of them on an urgent basis. 

To identify the skunk poop, read the following suggestions:

  • Skunk feces look like a tube with blunt end on the sides. 
  • Skunk feces are 2 inches longer in length and half an inch in width. 
  • Skunks can leave their dropping where ever they like to do. 

You can also find out the name of the animal with the help of a skunk urine smell, and their urine had a bad smell plus their urine leave stain and mark on the place. This urine or stain later can come in contact and can be the reason for various diseases. 

How to identify a raccoon poop? 

The raccoon is well-know due to the pathogens that they carry and can serious, serious health issues. But do you know most of the pathogens are actually carried by their poop? Their feces look like a tuber shape with a dark color. Another easy way to identify the raccoon poop is its dropping will contain undigested barriers in it. Raccoons are also famous for establishing their community latrine where they leave the new dropping on the old one. So you will find their dropping in one place, and this is the reason they are easy to watch and find. 

The other signs that can help you to identify the raccoon's poop are given below:

  • Raccoon feces are longer than the skunk feces.
  • As compare to a skunk, raccoon feces are 2-3 inches longer. 
  • As compare to skunk raccoon-like to add their feces in a specific place. 


Raccoon does not only rely on insects and fruits; if they found nothing, they will dig the ground in search of an egg. This is the reason their feces contain earthworm eggs that are dangerous for the human and pets too. People who came in contact with the raccoon feces are at a high risk to have earthworms. You may find the symptoms like blindness, paralysis, and often can lead to death. 

On the other side, skunks feces also contain earthworms, but they can also transfer other diseases like listeriosis and leptospirosis. 

Special instruction

People who are going near to the feces to identify them they are recommended to use breathing mask and gloves to prevent the diseases. 

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